An Academician turned Entrepreneur Ms. Vinita Raj hails from a Sindhi Punjabi background. She got married to Dr. A. Rajkumar from Tamilnadu. Hence the family itself paved way for the localization business. Within the families of hers, both the sides, 7 languages are spoken and done; and one of them is sign language, for her brother is hearing impaired.

She started this unique enterprise amidst the blue hills of Kotagiri (Ooty), India. Blissfully or otherwise, no one spoke her language here. This also was a catalyzing factor for her to start up with a localization company.

Apart from chairing such a unique company, she is also an energetic orator. A few of her recent speeches were at, IIM, Puducherry University, and FMS Jaipur

She is also associated with number of management associations across the country. Also she is member of the leadership group of WorldPulse, A USA based organization that works for the empowerment of women across the globe.

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